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Lady Penelope

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9 ½ (life begins at 40, right!?)
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Adelaide Hills, SA
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Barossa Valley, SA
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1. This is who I am in the world….
I am Penelope. I am lucky. I had a wonderful childhood playing with horses. Knowing horses is empowering and a place from which I regularly draw strength.
As an adult, Yogic philosophy guides my thoughts, words and actions. I strive to do no harm (Ahimsa), act with compassion (Karuna) and speak my truth (Satya) to both myself & others. I'm strong, determined and shy (although most people would not recognise that last trait in me.)
I’ve earned my living largely from behind a desk and for the past decade have felt I’ve been living between two realms; IT Professional 5 days a week and fire twirling, hula hooping Yogacharini in my spare time! Five years spent living off grid (one year with no electricity) highlighted this incongruity. Living simply,...
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Nettie Floyd

Nettie Floyd.
I am 55 years young.
I currently live in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Australia.
Originally from Victoria.
This is who I am in the world:
I am Love. I am compassion. I am kind, my biggest strength. I am sincere. I am a deep feeler. My motto is “Love is the magic in life.” I am a highly intuitive Trauma Healer. I am a Heart and Soul Reader, I connect into what your Heart and Soul most wants you to know in this moment. I am an Energetic distance Healer, I connect into your energy and clear it, replacing what is cleared with unconditional love, which leaves you feeling lighter and at peace. I am an artist, I create Unique Healing Crystal Art Pieces and Jewellery specifically for whatever needs to be healed for its owner. I am an energy clearer and do crystal gridding for homes, land, animals and businesses. I am a teacher. I am a Mentor. I am a pattern changer. I facilitate women’s Circles and workshops. In these last 10 years, I do my...
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Lauren Louise Castillo

Lauren Louise Castillo
Age: 34
Where you are from: Wagga Wagga, NSW & grew up in Wodonga, Victoria.
Where you live: Melbourne
1.This is who I am in the world….
I am a creative, expressive and curious explorer of the world. I love inspiring people to connect with their creative expression in a playful and curious way. I love inviting in the magic of wonder and awe to everyday life through exploring the natural world, creative expression, including visual arts, dance, theatre, poetry, whatever feels good! I see my own life as a work of art and I love to remind people that their lives are works of art too. I have a passion for finding connection, harmony, peace and joy in relationship to others and the natural world. I am Artist an Art Therapist and I love learning and being a student of life.
2.“What is the story you want next written for women?”
The story I want written for women begins with each woman holding her own pen. The story is to be written BY...
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Marie Flore Lindor

Marie Flore Lindor-Latortue
Miami- Florida
I am not a physician
Mwen Se Yon PHD
(I Push One Human at the time Forward)
I am a woman with many hats. Hats are made to wear but beware of those hats that the world choose for us.
I want women around the world to be mindful of picking up their own preferred and/or respective hat.
The one that makes them smile. Smile is precious and free. Ladies wear a hat that brings a smile into your face.
My young girl’s hat no longer fits me but reminds me that I grew up to become the woman that I am today, a mother. Our Hat, as mothers is the one that we get attached to because we use it to protect our children heads, obstacles and we remove it and throw it to celebrate their success often. That same hat as mothers we can use it to drop our tears. The many tears that our single moms, divorced ladies and other circumstances that we face in life.
Hats made to be worn indeed
For 5 days
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Laura Morrice

Laura Morrice
Age: 42
From: Scotland
Lives: Fraserburgh, Scotland and, the Quantum Realm
This is who I am in the world;
Now I am a healer, a wife, a mother, an author. Now I am more in tune with my divine nature than ever before. I am now fully connected with Source through a greater sense of awareness which, in turn, is allowing me to be me, in my wholeness, unapologetically but, it wasn't always this way.
The affliction of addiction shaped much of my younger years; firstly, I witnessed my mum as she tried to soothe her traumas with alcohol and then later, with my own heroin addiction that changed the course of everything. Unbeknown to me at the time, this part of my life would then go on to help me heal my wounds and the generational conditioning that had been passed down.
But life had to take me to a much greater depth of despair before I was ready to undertake the healing that would ultimately set me free and enable me to live my truth with confidence and conviction.
When I...
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Gaelyn Miriam Larrick

Gaelyn Miriam Larrick
From: The US
Lives: Ubud, Bali
I am 71 years old
1. This is who I am in the world:
Ever since I was a child I was making art. From painting to sculpting, to acting, I created something out of nothing with anything I could get my hands on. Originally from Philadelphia, USA, my life has been—in its own way—a work of art. When I started out my creative career as a model, I had no idea where it would take me. Fast forward fifty years and I am content and settled in an amazing eclectic community in Bali, at the heart of it all in Ubud. My art these days finds beauty everywhere. My intention is to bring out the beauty in the layers of every landscape and image with which I work. I have discovered that cultivating an appreciation of what is already around and within me, allows me to access the natural radiance in everything.
My primary inspiration is to create inner peace through art. When I look back to the years I was an activist in the Vietnam...
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Satya Cipta

Satya Cipta
Born in 1988
Lombok born, then moved to Sumatra until 12 years old, then to Bali, then Sumatra to finish school and I graduated in Jakarta, with my mother being from Singaraja and my father from Kintamani, all in Indonesia
This is who I am in the world:
I don’t even know who I am.
After I went through a great pain, I cut off all of my hair. I tried to give my own self a spirit. I spoke to myself in the mirror. I told myself that I was bald at that time, but I could support myself, I could do it. That there were people who love me, know me and know my potential.
I was on a show in Jakarta and I saw that I heal people as they cried when I sang. This reveals who I am. I had compliments from many people. I have had many compliments from other women and they say “look what you have done for me”. We can heal ourselves, we are so strong.
I am one woman who was at the lowest part in her life. I said something and it made a big impact. We are so...
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Mea Allman

Coach Mea Allman, CPLC/HNC-C 57 years old
From: Born in Jamaica and left when I was age six, then raised in Canada, and later moved to Orlando, Florida.
This is who I am in the world: I'm a God-fearing women, a 22-year Breast Cancer Survivor that's a strong warrior of hope & courage. I'm also a woman that was born from many mixed cultures. My great grandmother from Bangladesh, great grandfather Jamaican, grandmother Arabic Indian, grandfather Scottish, mother Jamaican, and father Costa Rican, and a bit of Chinese in the family. I am proud of my blended cultures. With that said, who would have thought I would be born on March 8th, which is International Women’s Day, and March is Women's History Month.
Coming from a diverse culture, I'm able to walk in the shoes of many women, because I understand their culture. At a young age, I moved to Pennsylvania, USA, who experienced bullying from high kids that constantly teased & culturally discriminated me because of how I...
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Yasmine Walker

Yasmine Walker
Age: 51 (52 this year)
Where you are from: I’m of mixed origin but was born in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea (PNG). I'm blessed as a mixed race with Italian, Papua New Guinean, German, Spanish/Filipino (mothers’ side) and Chinese Malaysian (Father’s side) heritage. My family history is fascinating but this is for another time.
Where you live: Canberra Australia
1. This is who I am in the world….
Who I am in this world has been shaped by past trauma, abuse and a will to survive and give to others. A survivor of child sexual abuse and physical abuse. As a child I lived through and witnessed terrible domestic and family violence both physical, emotional, and mental as if it was something that just happened and was normal. I
have lived through severe depression after my son was born which took many years to overcome and heal.
I am successful Intrapreneur and have surpassed my own expectation of who I would become (even without a...
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Randa Ali

Randa Ali
38 yrs
Half Lebanese Half Brazilian living in Lebanon
This is who I am in the world:
A woman who grew up in the Middle East, in a very patriarchal culture. Yet, I was blessed to be born to parents who did their best to empower me on so many levels.
Having worked 10 years in corporate, I had learned to alienate myself from my own unique essence and conform to the cultural definition of success, relationships and even femininity.
None of these definitions resonated with me but I was conditioned to reject my inner truth.
When I lost my job and exited an abusive relationship within two months, I was left with so many unanswered questions, not to mention, negative emotions.
Not too long after these incidents, I started my healing journey which led me to discover my unique feminine essence and it empowered me to redefine it for myself and to inspire other women to do so on their own terms.
This is the story that I want next written to women:
I want women all...
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