Yasmine Walker

Yasmine Walker
Age: 51 (52 this year)
Where you are from: I’m of mixed origin but was born in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea (PNG). I'm blessed as a mixed race with Italian, Papua New Guinean, German, Spanish/Filipino (mothers’ side) and Chinese Malaysian (Father’s side) heritage. My family history is fascinating but this is for another time.
Where you live: Canberra Australia
1. This is who I am in the world….
Who I am in this world has been shaped by past trauma, abuse and a will to survive and give to others. A survivor of child sexual abuse and physical abuse. As a child I lived through and witnessed terrible domestic and family violence both physical, emotional, and mental as if it was something that just happened and was normal. I
have lived through severe depression after my son was born which took many years to overcome and heal.
I am successful Intrapreneur and have surpassed my own expectation of who I would become (even without a degree). It was because I always had the desire to work hard, give my all to anything I do and do it well. This is what has allowed me to gain
success in my life. Something I know my late mother would be extremely proud of. I always had goals even at the age of five and worked towards them, they may have changed over the years but it’s who I am today.
2. This is the story that I want next written for women…..
I want more women to be at the forefront of change and shaping society (be it politics, workplaces, and community).
I want women to be able to step in their power for themselves wholly, spiritually, physically, and emotionally whether it be at home, in their career, workplace… whatever, wherever they are; to be successful and honoured for who they are as an individual and for what they bring to the table and society, without oppression, ridicule or marginalisation.
I want men, sons, husbands to be proud of their women, support and love them, be emotional with them and celebrate them. In turn those women reciprocate the same for deserving men.
3. This is the story that I next want to write for myself….
My story for 2022 and beyond is to be a successful entrepreneur in both corporate and private coaching and mentoring to transform those who are ready and willing. A bestselling author (I need to get my book that I keep drip feeding words done). Be an inspiring well
sought after thought leader to both the young and old to provide a path for them to pursue the art of possibility in their goals, purpose, and vision.
Be a better mother, wife and super-hot (for my hubby), confident, kind grey nomad. Travel the world first class doing all of this as part of my 5–10-year plan….this is my vision.
Yasmine Walker – Success Doula
Life coaching, mentoring through Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
M: 0410600999

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