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We are here not only for ourselves, but to be both a beacon and soft landing place for others, and to leave the world better just by us being here. 


The best bit about this is that there are things that we can do in each and every moment that contribute to this. Each and every act and way of observing our world confirms this. 


We can do all of the self care and inner work in the world.... yet, in isolation we can only ever be so affective. Isolation, I believe, is the greatest social problem there is.


In the words of Thich Nhat Hahn “we are all collaborators in creation. What you and I are becoming, the world is becoming”.


We have no idea how long we have left, and how much time we have left to do what we feel called to do. One thing is this, I know that we are so much more capable than we even know.


I have felt a deep sadness attributed to the reality that we all have so much more in us than...

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Here is a picture of me that the world does not so often see, yet which have become my saviour- free form movement, taken at sunrise this morning, at one of the higher points on the island. 


As humans, we innately expand and contract. It is our very essence, and as essential as our breath. There are so many things which bring us home over and over again to the place where we most intimately recognise ourselves. Those spaces where we just know where we are in and out of integrity with ourselves.


Adversity brings us home. It shows us over and over who we are and what we are capable of. It connects us to humanity and the human spirit. It reminds us to be humble. 


There are so many sides to who we are and we have the capacity to hold it all with an open heart and soul. Yes, there is rising, striving and growth, and yes, there is space when we release all the external and redefine all of the parts of “her”. We ultimately don’t move far if...

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“You’re afraid of being separated from the grassroots, aren’t you?”


I was asked this a week ago. And a soft realisation set in... yes, I am. For it is in the “grassroots” where our connection with humanity is the most profound.


This is where we find the purpose of what this is all for. This is where we remember that when we dare to almost get lost in the high level thinking, the innovative processes and peace treaties, or lack thereof....


These are the moments that bring us home, when we are face to face with another and we bridge the gap of who we are and we see ourselves in a simple act that reminds us of the true purpose of it all.


As I answered this question a week ago, it was with a gentle bringing of light to the fact that this is what I built a career around... bringing light to and bridging the gap between the way that we think that change happens, and the simplicity of what is often needed more than anything...

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Who am I in this world?


First up, I am many many things


I am from Melbourne and I live in Bali- I found myself making a super quick decision to abort all travel plans and jump on the next flight from Hoi An in March last year and to hightail it to Bali, and to move in with a local family only a few days before borders closed and about a week before flights off the island stopped. I’ve always been best at navigating crisis While I now live independently to the local family, it has been a year that has been unlike any other in my lifetime. I had packed up life in Melbourne to begin a new and very unknown chapter, after being a Social Worker and Coach for around 14 years.


I had a few dreams about what I wanted to create for myself, and my re-launch of Aspire is a big piece of it! I originally launched Aspire two years ago to explore lots of ideas that had been brewing for a long time, while I was working full time. At the time, it was largely experiential...

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Where has she been?


I am conscious that this is something that a couple of people previously connected to me may be wondering.


Well, let me tell you a story that involves a one way world adventure that began at the end of January 2020 and took me not much further than Bali, where I have been based for all but two weeks of the time between then and now.


I left Bali after five weeks to attend a wedding in Penang and then flew to Hoi An in Vietnam, where I intended to begin my travels. I wanted to travel the Southern route of the Silk Road, however I didn’t have a plan for how this would unfold. A week later I watched the world and town around me shut down. Family at home raised concerns about my plans and I made a swift decision to book the next flight back to Bali, to move in with a Balinese family that I had came to know over the five weeks and I arrived by the end of the day.


On the Monday morning I attended the immigration office to have my...

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