The Aspire Series

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This is for you.

You are becoming.

You always were and you always will be.

You are unfolding.

And becoming a more honest version of you.

That thing that you are edging to let go of.

The way that you want to exist in the world.

The voice within you that craves an open and safe space.

The desire for more meaning.

The longing to connect more deeply with both yourself and others.

The yearning to be seen, to stand up, show up and say what you really mean.

The urge to live fully, lead and make a real difference.

The craving for your evolution.

It’s all ready for you.

It’s here and it’s real.

You are not on your own.

This is your time to become all that you aspire to be.

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SHE humbly rises from that which dares to stagnate, and yet she never forgets that which grounds the essence of her becoming. When her steps are heavy, as they sometimes can be, SHE takes a deep breath and transforms her pain into courage and wisdom. SHE knows that stumbling is part of the grand plan and that which becomes her greatest launchpad. SHE moves with the beat of her own rhythm and listens to the music which is the vessel of her being. SHE leads with her innate truth which recognises her path before she can intellectually comprehend it. SHE loves herself and all that SHE stands for with the utmost respect, even when some part of her tries to prove her wrong.

SHE lives with integrity, SHE follows her truth and her words speak volumes, even when they are hard to say. SHE is passionate, bold, and she loves deeply, while nurturing a gentle, kind, compassionate heart and enigmatic presence. SHE is resilient, determined and witty. SHE dances her way through the world with grace, quirk, and humour in EPIC proportions. SHE is curious, a free spirit and a true explorer of this world. SHE only briefly visits those places which do not set her soul on fire, appreciating that her short lifetime means that each moment accounts for something much bigger than herself. SHE will not allow fear and doubt to stamp her creativity or her spirit. SHE is a change maker and here to have a lasting impact. SHE leads in her community with authenticity and encourages other women in all that they aspire to become. SHE is unapologetic for all that SHE is. SHE is all that she aspires to be.

The Aspire Series enables emerging women to reach their full potential through the spaces that we create for them to connect with all that they are, to have a bolder voice and to make a real impact in their one lifetime.


How You Can Join Us

Our whole deal is that we love welcoming new women in to our community with open arms. Get in touch with us so that we can welcome you too xx

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