Satya Cipta

Satya Cipta
Born in 1988
Lombok born, then moved to Sumatra until 12 years old, then to Bali, then Sumatra to finish school and I graduated in Jakarta, with my mother being from Singaraja and my father from Kintamani, all in Indonesia
This is who I am in the world:
I don’t even know who I am.
After I went through a great pain, I cut off all of my hair. I tried to give my own self a spirit. I spoke to myself in the mirror. I told myself that I was bald at that time, but I could support myself, I could do it. That there were people who love me, know me and know my potential.
I was on a show in Jakarta and I saw that I heal people as they cried when I sang. This reveals who I am. I had compliments from many people. I have had many compliments from other women and they say “look what you have done for me”. We can heal ourselves, we are so strong.
I am one woman who was at the lowest part in her life. I said something and it made a big impact. We are so brave, even in pain. We can make artwork. One woman gave me a painting and told me that I made her paint and that this healed her.
I speak with honesty. I’m seen as a badass person. It can be hard to get the truth. This shocks others when they are used to being oppressed, as it's not expected.
The potential in me was buried for a long time. I am a painter, show and art director, and singer. I graduated originally as a director.
The story that I want next written for women:
When I go to the villages in Bali, the women often have the same story, regardless of whether they are a Priestess or a house woman. In Bali, women are carrying heavy things in life and this is normal. You see them literally carrying things on their heads. They believe this is their duty and they don’t know differently. There is trauma in the families and it is not good for the kids.
I want more stories of how they prove for themselves as women that they can be independent and that they can learn based on their potential. I would like to see a change in this culture for women and our whole structure so that we support communities better and set women free to do good things for themselves. For the kids to choose their own way, but with responsibility, to know how to handle themselves and heal themselves before beginning a relationship. Globally, the small contributes to the big.
For women supporting women, we need to vanish the ego first, otherwise we create more rivalry where we hope to heal. Also, where we talk of “feminism”, we need to move from trying to defeat men to realising that we need them. We need balance and equality most.
The next story that I am writing for myself is:
I have a big, big dream, plan and mission to contribute something good for my country, Indonesia.
It was previously a colony with a great nation. They colonized us and destroyed our history so that we would forget our roots and collapse the nation. Because of this, we don’t know our culture and national identity, as each of the thousands of islands are so different. Women are never mentioned in the history of the Kingdom which was incredibly Patriarchal in nature.
I want to push my limits and help others more, knowing that this comes back, so that I can help even more. Through feedback, I grow and improve. I have been speaking live about the past, present and future of our humanity. I hope to do more of this- it is in my blood.

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