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For women who are deeply connected to self and story, wholeheartedly and boldly stepping forward and bringing others with them

The Aspire Series Manifesto 


Our Ultimate Vision

For all women to be, live and lead as bold and expansive conduits of love, integrity, and humanity.


Our Mission

To create opportunities for women to rewrite theirs and others stories through these three pillars:


Existing Fully

Being present, heart centred and in integrity with all elements of ourselves, our story and experiences.


Speaking Boldly

Expanding how we interrelate, use our voice, make choices and become beacons of influence in the world.


Making An Impact

Mastering and embedding our capacity to lead, role model and amplify positive change.

Welcome to our Work


The Aspire Series is a movement for women who are dedicated to pioneering social change and impact as well as a methodology in facilitating change work. 

We not only already have what we need to create change for ourselves, we also have what we need to create deeply meaningful change for one another. The keys to this are found within our stories and once drawn out, can then facilitate change and impact beyond our wildest dreams. Could you imagine? As women, it is time to step into our full capacity and to show the world, what is truly possible for the future we lead. 

You are likely here because you have walked an epic path to get to where you are. It has called on your courage, resilience and asked you to open your heart further than you thought possible. And you are now ready to make it all mean SO much more. There is absolute gold in what you have to share that extends FAR beyond yourself. Our purpose as humans is magnified when our experiences makes a true difference for others. It's the full circle effect. 

You may already be leading and supporting in your community, seeing the spaces where “something should be done”. Here, through Aspire, we get to create it. You, I and the Aspire community, we create change for ourselves and we co-create and back each others creations. We get as creative as we can humanely summon while we are at it, too.

Our potentiality for change is found in our capacity to become curious and bring new life, humanity and ideas to the trialled and tested wisdom that exists. A fresh approach to facilitating change can be found here.

The Aspire Series is a diverse community for women, and those who identify as women across all walks of life, nationalities, ages, sexual orientations, abilities, and any other sub-group that has not intentionally been missed.

The Aspire Series

How You Can Get Involved

Aspire has been designed to meet the needs of abroad array of women, yet two things are clear.... We will get you thinking, feeling, reflecting AND doing!

Come and meet us at one of our upcoming Soiree's, up skill with La Petite Series or get published in 55 FACES and support our social impact projects. You can dive right in and do it ALL- be published, speak and lead your own project with the Societe or come along to our Summit and jam with epic women leading change around the world- this is YOUR adventure!

We are excited to have you with us. Jump across to the direct pages to check each part of the 'Series' out or click the button and chat with us directly. 

Not sure where to step? Let's work out together how we can get you to where you next want to be.



Our Worldview

There are many threads that make up Aspire and the formulation of Michelle's work.

Here are a few of the layers of our "lens of the world".

Reach out and we will happily chat with you about how we have come to create this body of work.



What We Stand For


Change and impact- we all long to be on the other side. To have the next evolution, to feel the way that the having will offer us. 

So much of Aspire is about "how we get there together" and who we get to become through our creations. 

We become expansive because we are creative vessels, because we share, because we dig deep and summon our courage, because we say the things that are not easy to say and make the tough choices.

We become leaders by being leaders. We become expressive by being expressive. We become connected by being connected. 

We are because of the principles we intend, hold and grow into along the way.

Wouldn't you love to learn more?


Mentoring, Consulting and Professional Supervision with Michelle

I am passionate about working with both individuals and organisations who have the desire to create a much greater depth of change. To create radical results and transformation both personally and professionally, I offer bespoke Mentoring, Consulting, Professional Supervision and Narrative Therapy packages fully customised to your growth and transformation. 

As a certified, credentialed Practitioner of Coaching, I hold a Bachelor of Social and Community Welfare plus a Graduate Certificate in mental health science and am passionate about utilising Narrative Therapy in therapy support.  

Encompassing over 15 years professional experience, I support women in learning about their inner landscape through various modalities, embodied coaching and talk therapy.  Sessions are client centred and paced, we typically journey through your goals over the duration of three to six months.


The Aspire Series Client Love

“The circle has become a highlight of my month and I always leave feeling lighter and more aware of my responsibility and capacity to live fully.”

I joined Michelle’s Soirée Sessions as a close friend thought I might like them. I immediately felt welcomed by Michelle and the other women, and knew I had found a very special place. 

To me, the circle is sacred. We laugh, we cry, we unburden ourselves of the masks and roles and we deeply connect; human to human, sister to sister. I am seen and I see my fellow women. They inspire me. It is a place for me to escape my own inner noise and chaos and return to the peace within. 

I thank you Michelle, for creating such a magical space for women to hold space for each other. I look forward to attending many more to come

Sam, Social Worker, Melbourne, Victoria

“Michelle helped me to get my voice and confidence back.”

My 12 month mentoring relationship with Michelle was one of the best experiences I’ve had at personal and professional level. Michelle saw the strength and good in me when I was living in doubt from shifting my career path and also carrying the weight of everything that has been happening throughout the years.

She helped me to become more of what I really am and also slow down a bit to enjoy the process. Michelle helped me to get my voice and confidence back by talking about the things that matter to me the most, ink them down and bring my visions to life. 

I’m forever thankful for the time that she dedicated to be part of my journey and support me to show up more. 

Noushin Barghi, Social Worker. Melbourne, Victoria

“Thank you for creating a beautiful, safe, sacred space for women to explore, witness and hold each other.”

I loved being a part of your Sunday Soirée Sessions and your yoga classes. You have such a wonderful gift of providing a fertile ground of compassion, support and just the right questions for people to find their own answers. It has been a joy to get to know and work with you, thank you for being the gentle yet fierce leader that you are. People will benefit from being in your energy and working with you wherever you go. 

Anisha Lamba, Mindfulness Coach, Melbourne, Victoria

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