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Where has she been?


I am conscious that this is something that a couple of people previously connected to me may be wondering.


Well, let me tell you a story that involves a one way world adventure that began at the end of January 2020 and took me not much further than Bali, where I have been based for all but two weeks of the time between then and now.


I left Bali after five weeks to attend a wedding in Penang and then flew to Hoi An in Vietnam, where I intended to begin my travels. I wanted to travel the Southern route of the Silk Road, however I didn’t have a plan for how this would unfold. A week later I watched the world and town around me shut down. Family at home raised concerns about my plans and I made a swift decision to book the next flight back to Bali, to move in with a Balinese family that I had came to know over the five weeks and I arrived by the end of the day.


On the Monday morning I attended the immigration office to have my...

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I am watching magic unfold before my eyes. Two years ago I was in the final stages of my Yoga Teacher Training. The training itself was intense. Over a year I spent five hours every Thursday night sitting cross-legged in a circle with about 15 to 20 others, mostly women, and we spoke about the human body, Yogic Philosophy, connection and the whole purpose of it all. I remember being told by previous graduates that the teachings in that space had only just begun and that a huge period of growth and learning was on the other side of our graduation night. 

In the months that followed my graduation, I found that the thing that I missed most from my whole training was those Thursday nights sitting in a circle. This perplexed me a little, given that I had felt a little nervous when we first began meeting in that space 12 months previously. In these first six months post my training, I found myself searching out similar spaces where I could sit in circles of women. By the time it...

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I found myself chatting to a woman a few years younger than me recently. She commented that she is loving what I’m creating with The Aspire Series. I thanked her and commented that I loved a post that she created recently. I felt that there was something more in this. She shared with me that she is trying something new and she appeared a little sheepish. I asked her what this was all about.

She responded with “well, you know how I’m studying counselling? Well I have all of these ideas and dreams and I don’t know what to make of them or what they’re even about. But I thought that if I just post one thing a week with my thoughts, then that’s something and I’ll see where it goes”. I congratulated her.

She responded with “Yeah, but I don’t know, because who am I to post stuff like this?’. I suggested that this is perfect and all that she needs to do is to begin, and to trust that the rest will come to her when it’s...

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