Who am I in this world?


First up, I am many many things 😉✌️


I am from Melbourne and I live in Bali- I found myself making a super quick decision to abort all travel plans and jump on the next flight from Hoi An in March last year and to hightail it to Bali, and to move in with a local family only a few days before borders closed and about a week before flights off the island stopped. I’ve always been best at navigating crisis 😳😁 While I now live independently to the local family, it has been a year that has been unlike any other in my lifetime. I had packed up life in Melbourne to begin a new and very unknown chapter, after being a Social Worker and Coach for around 14 years.


I had a few dreams about what I wanted to create for myself, and my re-launch of Aspire is a big piece of it! I originally launched Aspire two years ago to explore lots of ideas that had been brewing for a long time, while I was working full time. At the time, it was largely experiential and it afforded me the space to ask “what is really needed in this world, and how can I use the best of myself here?”.


Through my career, I had designed and contributed to lots of innovative projects that had lead to mass social change, as well as transformed the lives of a demographic of people that many in society would not care to support. I loved working in the child protection and foster care space. I also have loved doing volunteer work on the Board of a NFP that supported survivors of sexual assault and also doing volunteer work to support refugees and asylum seekers. My fav work was putting Young people in front of Ministers, Commissioners and CEO’s and having them share their lived experiences and have a shared dialogue about how to create change.


Alongside this, I studied a bunch of different things and have been on the Personal development train for my fair share of time, understanding all domains of life in much greater depth than we are often educated with. I’ve been in and out of the rabbit hole my fair share of times, and each time, my greatest passion has returned to social change.


Forever guided by big questions, In this next chapter of my own rewritten story, I am most interested in how layers of self, identity, connection and story are married with personal expression and broader leadership skills to facilitate social change. As women, we can’t skip out on any one of these denominators and we really are at the crux of leading change. There is little other way.


I am curious about how to bring a bunch of stuff from the spiritual, political, social, creative, personal development world together and to create unique spaces where ALL things are on the table and we are not limited in how we share, navigate and facilitate change. To have different outcomes, we’ve got to look outside the tried and tested.


Based on some of my fav work, I am committed to bringing women of different demographics and social groups together who would often not interact and to use this space to grow, do the soul work, learn skills, test, challenge and explore how we can approach social change differently and authentically in our own ways. I want women really leading in their own communities and ensuring that their experiences make the changes that they deserve.


This space is deeply connected to heart, soul and intuition- this is my jam. It is shared- we are each here for our own growth, yet this is experiential, so we are here together. We each have a story, if not many of to share. And if there is something that I have understood to be true, it’s that it is the most profound honour to hold another’s story and to walk a path together that asks the question of “what will we make this mean?”.


Aspire is a mix of all things- it’s fun, it’s deep, its probably not what you would typically expect, and it’s the start of an exciting new adventure that I already love sharing.




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