Here is a picture of me that the world does not so often see, yet which have become my saviour- free form movement, taken at sunrise this morning, at one of the higher points on the island. 


As humans, we innately expand and contract. It is our very essence, and as essential as our breath. There are so many things which bring us home over and over again to the place where we most intimately recognise ourselves. Those spaces where we just know where we are in and out of integrity with ourselves.


Adversity brings us home. It shows us over and over who we are and what we are capable of. It connects us to humanity and the human spirit. It reminds us to be humble. 


There are so many sides to who we are and we have the capacity to hold it all with an open heart and soul. Yes, there is rising, striving and growth, and yes, there is space when we release all the external and redefine all of the parts of “her”. We ultimately don’t move far if we do not feel safe with her.


It takes something to sit with and be present with our imperfections, and with ourselves as we also continue moving forward.


It takes something to honestly and fervently say “I love who I am” in a world that continuously gives us reasons to believe otherwise. To truly love our stories and experiences that brought us here. To love how it feels to occupy our bodies, our minds and our unique essence in the world. To hold a deep connection to our intuition, to trust and hold it in high esteem. And to love what we see in others, as much as we love the reflection of what this brings up in ourselves. 


Today is day 1 of 11 days of Societe. Here I will share a little flavour of what has shaped and influenced this work, what it highlights for me and what we explore as we go into the depths of it. Each piece I believe is the starting point of an essential conversation about who we are as humans and how we contribute in the world. 


In this first piece, we explore intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing and growth in a way that enables us to both exist and experience life more fully. An exercise in mindfulness and exploring who we are as individuals with our own unique essence, we strive to really value and define our greatest wisdom, knowledge and resources. 


Finding peace here is a tiny piece of the core in redefining who we are and what we are here to do for ourselves, our communities and the world.


This is where we forever begin and where we return.


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