Words of Impact


Creating Our Narrative

There is a story that we tell over and over, and there are a million and one ways to tell it. We choose the story we tell about who we are, the lives that we have lived and where we will next direct ourselves.


We also redefine it over and over again.


I’m not so big on the term ‘empowerment’, only because I feel that it suggests that we need something outside of us to say who we already are to tell the story that we wish to tell.


The story we tell, as we speak it, begins to shift. It can’t not. As we speak it, space is created for us to really consider the words exiting our mouths and in an instant, there is space for the story to evolve.


There is room for it to transform the space outside us as our wisdom touches the hearts of those around us.


Our stories are our life. They make us wise. 


Abracadabra is the definition of our words are spells that create magic as we speak them. The narrative that we create offers...

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Here is a picture of me that the world does not so often see, yet which have become my saviour- free form movement, taken at sunrise this morning, at one of the higher points on the island. 


As humans, we innately expand and contract. It is our very essence, and as essential as our breath. There are so many things which bring us home over and over again to the place where we most intimately recognise ourselves. Those spaces where we just know where we are in and out of integrity with ourselves.


Adversity brings us home. It shows us over and over who we are and what we are capable of. It connects us to humanity and the human spirit. It reminds us to be humble. 


There are so many sides to who we are and we have the capacity to hold it all with an open heart and soul. Yes, there is rising, striving and growth, and yes, there is space when we release all the external and redefine all of the parts of “her”. We ultimately don’t move far if...

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