“You’re afraid of being separated from the grassroots, aren’t you?”


I was asked this a week ago. And a soft realisation set in... yes, I am. For it is in the “grassroots” where our connection with humanity is the most profound.


This is where we find the purpose of what this is all for. This is where we remember that when we dare to almost get lost in the high level thinking, the innovative processes and peace treaties, or lack thereof....


These are the moments that bring us home, when we are face to face with another and we bridge the gap of who we are and we see ourselves in a simple act that reminds us of the true purpose of it all.


As I answered this question a week ago, it was with a gentle bringing of light to the fact that this is what I built a career around... bringing light to and bridging the gap between the way that we think that change happens, and the simplicity of what is often needed more than anything else. That which we cannot afford to seperate ourselves from.


Way back when I was at Uni, I almost failed my Social Policy unit. I couldn’t think of anything more dry to focus my energy on. For years, I felt that I could do a great job, if I focussed purely on what was within my realm of ability- doing the best possible job with the children, young people and families directly in front of me. I needed to reserve my energy for them.


At another point, I found myself working in the policy space.... helping young people to bring their stories to light in the political arena and to find ways to generate conversations that create change. Their messages were essentially the same- help us to bring a little more humanity back into this whole thing. See us fully. Hear us. Connect with us as people in our own right.


There would be times where a young person would come in, and they would excitedly share that they “know” the CEO of their organisation and talk about how “cool” they are. When I would hear this, I would know that this organisation was doing alright for themselves.


These pics were taken today with John Spender as I collected my copies of “Journey to Riches: The Way of the Leader”, the funds that have been donated to a village near Amed in Bali. This project afforded me the opportunity to dive into what it truly is that brings the humanity back into our experience.


And it is the greatest blessing to know that the funds have gone to support a local community in need, so that they too have had their moment of being seen in some small way.




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