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24th February - 8th March 2025

‚Äʬ†Uganda¬†‚ÄĘ Kenya ‚ÄĘ Tanzania¬†‚ÄĘ

“She is a queen, she is a Black woman,

And from birth, she was destined for greatness‚ÄĚ

- Marie Mokuba, 55 FACES Africa co-author

It is time for us to meet one another.

Welcome to

The Aspire Africa Umoja Tour.

 13 Day Impact Trip, visiting Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania


Since late 2023, The Aspire Series have been working alongside over 55 African women to produce our 55 FACES Africa Edition book. This book is the compilation of 55 African women’s stories, and it forms the fourth book that we have produced.

We are heading to Africa to launch both 55 books and to celebrate the women whose lives, stories, words and wisdom have been shared with us.

You will be one of a small circle of women (10 max.) who will be celebrating and honouring each woman who is a part of 55 FACES as well as fulfilling this EPIC leadership adventure and initiation with us.

Whether a 55 FACES contributor or not, you are invited on this journey.

The essence of 55 FACES and Aspire’s work is rooted in bringing women who often would not influence and connect, together to learn, grow, exchange, share and evolve through one another.

Our leadership comes from the place of being the living embodiment that we each have something to learn, because of and through one another. And here, our unity is strengthened.

It is the deep honour of our work to have roots in Africa and to be able to offer YOU this opportunity. Where you will learn and grow through the land and women of Africa, be inspired and immersed in the lessons of leadership, spirit and humanity that are yours to receive through taking this journey.

What is in this for you?

This is about TRUE impact… It is about TRUE leadership, where you are learning from women on their continent, and for many, on their land.

It is POWER, CONNECTION and TRANSFORMATION bound up in the sense of ‚ÄúTHIS is what I am here to be part of‚ÄĚ.

In the spirit of Umoja, together, we become.

For every woman who says ‚ÄúYES!‚ÄĚ to this journey, she will know it, feel it and deeply resonate with it.

This is for the woman who knows that her impact, her very being, is here to touch women in ways that the average human could not fathom. 

She knows that she is here for a deep purpose and that her time in Africa will shift and transform her in indescribable ways. 

She is ready to learn from this land, as much as she is ready to bring all of herself and what she has come to understand about the world to this place and its people.

This woman is SO ready to experience TRUE impact, to live her legacy and to make a deeply soul connected and expressive difference in the world.

The gift, for this woman, is in meeting the African woman.

On the Aspire Africa Umoja Tour, we get to partake in two book launches, hosted in Uganda and Kenya for 55 FACES. We will meet our women from 55 Africa, both local and those who have flown in to attend our launch. The heart, soul and essence of Africa will truly radiate through the work, words, wisdom and experiences of every woman present in a way that we have never before experienced. All 55’rs will have the chance to share who they are and what they want for women in both places. We will circle, connect and share with our fellow women and celebrate one another with our African 55’rs loved ones.

To have interacted with any of our African 55 is to capture the tiniest glimpse of what is in store when our Ugandan and Kenyan launches embrace the richness that already is 55 FACES and Aspire’s work. When you and I are embraced by the subtle, powerful and diverse cultures of Africa.

Our launches form the beginning of our trip. It most certainly doesn’t end here. Alongside these, we get to explore both Kampala (Uganda) and Nairobi (Kenya), and later, we will go on nature safaris to Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks, before retreating to the incredibly beautiful beaches of Zanzibar, where we will conclude our time together. 

All up, we will have almost two weeks (13 days) together that span Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.  We have plenty of time to both explore independently, as well as to create a profound affinity with each woman who shares, expands and liberates with us on our journey. 

Imagine the expansiveness of book launches that honour women and our words, wisdom, experiences and voices. Those that are immersed in African culture and the deeply embedded sense of unity and solidarity that African women hold respect in. Followed by a deep journey with our group, both by plane and jeep, across some of the greatest expanses of the land that beat to the African rhythm of life.

This time truly is a once in a lifetime experience that surpasses most others. You, I, we, will be forever moved, grown, evolved, because of it.

In the spirit of Umoja, our spirits, leadership, being, will be unified.

In The Words of the Women of 55 FACES Africa

“The unity of African women is incredibly powerful and we would love for you to hold the power of our unity in working together on this common goal with the undertone of making Africa a better place for women, as most important.  We want you to understand that as African women,  we are 55 very different people and we carry 55 very different journeys.  The African woman does not fit a definition. 

We believe that Africa is the future. Globally, Africa has been misrepresented in so many ways, we are showcasing the positive side of Africa, the beauty of people coming together, and of transformation and resilience within our people. Through this project, we have realised the triumph and power we create as women through our unity, overcoming, voice, and letting our stories be told.  

To understand us as women, is to begin to understand our heritage and where we come from. By nature, we are power, heart and soul. We are and have long been Matriarchs in our communities. As women, we are creating a revolutionary shift. We wish that you feel this energy as we lead the change that impacts the world‚ÄĚ.

We invite you to join us in the change we ignite.

In the spirit of Umoja, our spirits, leadership, being, will be unified.

The Essence 55 FACES


Our lives, stories and experiences hold the keys to the change that is needed in the world. Our connection to self, others, our capacity to express and lead from this place are the instigators of impact and change that holds meaning for us, our communities and something far greater.

Collectively, we can rewrite ours and other women's stories.

We cannot take the time that we are here for granted, and our legacy must be lived in each and every moment. Our chance to leave the world better is here now, and it must happen as a result of us being here.

Your impact over The Aspire Umoja Tour is felt in the ways that you contribute to breaking bounds that stand for African women and by creating opportunity, meaning and a contribution for them and their communities.

In responding to the core question of 55 FACES,¬†‚Äúwhat is the next story you want written for women?‚ÄĚ, the diversity of each woman is explored,¬†while weaving together threads of the women's world view and lived experiences. It demonstrates that every single one of us has a perspective and ideas about how we would like to experience the world.

Our African women have considered how THEY wish the experience of African women to be, and what she personally wishes for her future.

Each woman, in being published, has the opportunity to feel seen, heard, honored and acknowledged.



♡ A thirteen day, all inclusive trip to Uganda, Kenya (Nairobi and Maasai Mara) and Tanzania (Serengeti and Zanzibar).


♡ Sharing circles, welcome dinners and other facilitated activities with our three group facilitators (Michelle, Agnes, Ever) for the entire journey.


♡ Local knowledge and expertise from both our team and local guides.


♡ Access to 55 FACES book launches in both Uganda and Kenya, supporting the women of 55 Africa and celebrating both books being launched. Think EPIC celebrations and meetings of women in BOTH locations!!


♡ Shared high quality accommodation and most meals provided. Single rooms available on request.


♡ Flights, Jeep transport and knowledgeable local driver/guides throughout our journey.


♡ National Park entrance fees and support at border crossing (Kenya/Tanzania). This includes being in Serengeti during the Great Migration season. Think one of the world's GREATEST animal sighting experiences!!


♡ Local guided and self lead tours in major cities.


‚ô° Support in planning your trip with our team.


‚ô° A once in a lifetime experience that will ROCK your world and shift, transform and evolve you in the most profound ways!


Your booking options include:







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Hey there, 

I’m Michelle and I created The Aspire Series in early 2019 after many years worth of facilitation, social work and coaching experience. It is a channel for what I wanted created in the world and how I could best serve.

I love creating and sharing people centred and heart connected change, especially through lived experience and story. The stuff that shifts us beyond our limits and has us realise what is possible for ourselves, our communities and the world. 

I firmly believe that we are here not only for ourselves, but to be both a beacon and soft landing place for others, and to leave the world better through being here. 

The best bit is that there are things we can do in every moment to contribute, with every act and way of observing our world confirming this. 

I'm excited to guide and co-create with you. 

Are you ready for our next change and impact adventure?


Are you ready for this once in a lifetime opportunity to be seen, heard, honoured and acknowledged in your leadership?

And to mark your impact through meeting other women in the same way?  


Excited and Ready to Join Us?


Your Hostesses:

The Aspire Umoja Tour will be led and facilitated by Michelle, in collaboration with Agnes and Ever.

Agnes Appiah Apawu

I am the Project Coordinator for 55 Faces Africa.

I am a multidisciplinary creative and entrepreneur with a love for storytelling. I was born in Ghana and left my home country at the tender age of three.

My love for storytelling is deeply rooted in my ancestry. I started sharing my personal story in 2016 online and got the privilege to be on stage with Lisa Nichols to speak about my personal journey.

I then realised many women out there shared similar experiences but did not always have a community or platform to express these stories of triumph and adversity.

This led me to create my first women's event in 2018. Due to mental health challenges, I took a break and became a podcaster in 2020 with the Umami Conversation podcast - geared towards women of marginalised communities sharing their lived experiences, story and expertise.

I am a strong believer that stories can change the world; therefore, being part of this collective of women empowers me to continue amplifying voices that need to be heard.

Ever Maina

Growing up in Kenya ignited a burning desire for social justice and change. That together with a passion for immersing in different cultures was the catalyst for traveling abroad, seeking higher education and a better understanding of the world.

Whilst doing Law pro bono work and working with disadvantaged schools in England, I realised that these issues were not only confined to Africa. My curiosity for the world led me to South East Asia.

I learned it was not in the corporate world where I could truly make a difference, but through grassroots community work. I trained, volunteered and worked with non for profits.

COVID found me in Bali, where I started a small organisation for women giving back. This was the divine channel through which I met 55’s Founder, Michelle, at our charity fundraising event.

I believe that in our short earthly journey we all carry a higher eternal purpose that we are to release into the world.

I am excited to see how this is experienced through 55 FACES and Umoja in Kenya, my Motherland, where I have now returned to live. 

Our Schedule


24th February 2025 - 27th February 2025

Kampala, Uganda

24th February 2025

Here we will begin our time together, meeting in the afternoon, we will have a welcome feast and sharing circle. We will be welcomed to Uganda by some of our Ugandan 55 women.

25th February 2025

We will explore Kampala City and its surrounds, including palaces, mosques, villages, tombs, and museums.

26th February 2025

During the day, we have free leisure time. In the evening, we will have our first book launch. 

27th February 2025

In the morning, we have free/rest time, and in the afternoon, we fly to Nairobi, Kenya.


27th February 2025 - 3rd March 2025

Nairobi, Kenya

27th February 2025

We arrive in Nairobi in the afternoon and have free time to settle in and explore, before meeting for dinner in the evening with some of our Kenyan 55’rs, who will welcome us.

28th February 2025

We take off to explore Nairobi on a city tour.

1st March 2025

We have a day of leisure, before we meet late in the afternoon for our second and biggest book launch. 

2nd March 2025

We will travel together by Jeep from Nairobi, Kenya to Maasai Mara National Reserve.

3rd March 2025

We travel by Jeep from Maasai Mara, through Isebania (the border crossing) to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.


3rd March 2025 - 6th March 2025

Serengeti National Park safari in Tanzania

We arrive by Jeep at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

Here, we will be on Safari each day- observing African animals in the height of migration season.

6th March 2025

We leave the Serengeti National Reserve and we fly to Zanzibar, where we settle in, with free time in the evening.


6th March 2025 - 8th March 2025

On arrival in Zanzibar, we have a combination of free/relaxation and facilitated time.

We also have some sharing and integration circles and time to explore the local area, both together and in our own time/space. 

8th March 2025

We have our final sharing circle and we prepare to part ways.

Forever grateful for our experience together. 





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including accommodation, most meals, book launches, flights/on ground transport during trip, guides, group facilitators, pre-trip support.

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