Want to bring about change in our world?

What is the Next Story You Want Written for Women?

55 FACES was born out of this question. We are in a time and place where new stories are about to be created for us individually and collectively. 55 FACES is a conversation starter where we are actively deciding on and impacting the story that we next tell.

What has begun is an inner and outer dialogue that is both transformational and essential on all levels. 

Would you like to contribute to the next 55 FACES book? A narrative piece that poses the question “what is the next story you want written for women?” I want you, your experience and world view shared in this piece, that when shared between all 55 women and their communities, will be a beautiful piece, a time stamp and a vehicle for our collective voices.

The essence of 55 very different women from across the globe will be captured here. Regardless of who you are, where you are from or how you choose to exist, you have something deep within, that needs to be shared right in this very moment.

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The global 55 tells the story of similarity and diversity across the globe. Amazing women from around the world come together to make a difference through sharing this collection of stories led by Michelle Gardiner. 



The Bali/Indonesia 55 tells the story of what it is to be a Balinese/Indonesian woman. Each is still so unique…. And connected through their shared place, time and cultural lens. 58 Indonesian women’s stories are told, with about three quarters being Balinese.


About the Book:

55 FACES is a hybrid between a coffee table book and a novel. Each woman will have a large colour photo of themselves printed, alongside 1000 words of text, using the following prompts:


Age (optional):

Where you are from:

Where you live:

  1. This is who I am in the world….
  2. This is the next story I want written for women…..
  3. This is the next story I am writing for myself….


About the Opportunity:

These books were first published in early 2023 and as well as becoming Amazon #1 best sellers, they have formed a global community of women with HUGE hearts who are all dedicating themselves to creating EPIC change using their words, wisdom and experiences. 

By taking part, you are positioned to raise awareness of the role that we play as women in instigating and leading social change and impact through who we are, how we exist in the world and the various roles we lead in society. 

You will contribute to TWO books being published. One, hosts yours, and 54 other women’s stories. The other, where your contribution will directly support the sharing of 55 stories of a local community, whose words often go unspoken. In 2022/3, these were the stories of Balinese/Indonesian women.

Our 2023 editions are women from several parts of Africa. This is where your impact REALLY expands on both local and global levels!

The books lead into The Summit, with our founding one to be hosted in Bali in June 17th - 20th 2023, and the following anticipated for mid 2024). The Summit is the home of our global in person book launch, as well as being THE space where, in our coming together, CHANGE is both instigated and amplified. We will be together- both globally and locally. 

Speaking. Sharing. Celebrating. Collaborating.

This is a truly EPIC- a three day event that highlights women who are impacting change in their various and diverse ways from across the globe. A remarkable space that draws these women together to delve into all the BIG conversations, while celebrating change work and those who lead it.


Being part of the 55 FACES Book Collective includes:

  • Being a published author, as part of an Amazon #1 Best Selling book 
  • Two hard copies of the 55 FACES book's- one local and one global
  • Two 1:1 sessions with Michelle to ensure we deliver your message in the best way possible
  • All publishing and editing support 
  • Being part of a collective of 111+ women, all supporting, encouraging and promoting the messages of this book and its success
  • Regular Lead With Brilliance and other Soiree’s (circles) with this community of women
  • Opportunities to highlight your work across the Aspire network, including within our Aspire magazine
  • Online launch of the book and localised opportunities
  • Being part of a book launched at the Aspire Summit 
  • Making direct social impact with a community of women having the exact same experience as you in sharing their own words and wisdom
  • Opportunities to present, facilitate or perform at The Summit (optional)

About Aspire and Michelle:

I created The Aspire Series four years ago and hold about 16 years worth of facilitation, social work and coaching experience. 

It is a channel for what I want to see created in the world. The stuff that excites me most is bringing people together, creating EPIC conversations and creating and celebrating social impact and change. 

I deeply understand that our lives, stories and experiences hold the keys to much of the change that is needed in the world and that our connection to self, others, our capacity to express and lead from this place are the instigators to fulfil the impact and change that holds meaning for us, our communities and something far greater. 

I am a firm advocate of the fact that we cannot take the time that we are here for granted, and that our legacy must be lived in each and every moment.  Our chance to leave the world better is here now, and it must happen as a result of us being here.  

My greatest vision for The Aspire Series is that it is a global platform for women who are leading social change and impact and that every component of it offers the opportunity to best contribute in ways that hold meaning for them and their communities.


About Who This is For:

You identify as a woman and:

  • You KNOW that this is a big yes and trust your gut as you say it
  • You have something really important to share and want an EPIC vehicle designed for it to be delivered
  • You care about, enjoy and celebrate diversity, and the change that you are here to make in the world
  • You want 2023/4 to be a year where you are published and help to lead this phenomenal conversation
  • You want the chance to speak at The Summit to a broad and diverse audience of women. 


About How This Will Work:

 Once you register, you have six weeks to submit your first draft. You will then meet with Michelle to refine it and make sure that it best shares who you are. 

Estimated date of online launch is March/April 2024.

The next Summit is going to be June 15 - 19 2024.



About the Investment:


♡ Your place in the 55 FACES Global book- 2024 edition

♡ Two copies of the book- one global, one local

♡ 1 - 2 x 1:1 mentoring sessions with Michelle and all support to each publication readiness

♡ All promotion

♡ Lead With Brilliance and other Soiree’s (sharing sessions)

♡ Online launch, including Amazon launch

♡ Direct social impact with local community also having their words published


$1,255 AUD paid on registration


$428 AUD x 3 (totalling $1285 AUD), with first installment made on booking and further two instalments made monthly.


$214 AUD x 6 (totalling $1285 AUD), with first installment made on booking and further five instalments made monthly. Please contact Michelle directly for this option.

  • All Summit costs and details will be offered separately as an additional investment (see here).


Please email [email protected] if you know that a place in 55 is yours and you require support to secure your place.


About Your Next Steps:

  1. You are ready to start straight away, click the link above and you can confirm your place. 
  2. You would like to take up the installment option over three months, you can make your first installment by clicking the link below, and I will then confirm the remaining details with you.
  3. You would like to chat further, you can message/email me at [email protected].   


Final Note:

I am beyond excited to share your words, have us all published, weave magic, and have an incredible adventure that creates ripples of BIG change in 2024 with you.

Michelle x


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