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The way that you view the world and what you envision for humanity matters. Who you are counts. With our time here and who we innately are, it is your brilliance that will initiate change.

You identify as a woman.

You have a deep desire to not only create, support, enhance change, you also see what others often do not see.

You know that through one another, we can do better. Be better.

You have words, a story, an experience of the world that you want to account for something more.

You know that your experience is what will carry us all forward.

You are ready to traverse this space between you, I and our 'brilliance'.

Welcome to Lead With Brilliance.




A Five Day Soirée

YOU Are A Rare Gem...

A diamond is a rare gem. Diamond's are cut. A brilliant cut is one worth noticing.

Brilliance. The intense brightness of light. Vividness of colour. Exceptional talent or intelligence.

Born rare gems, we are "cut" and transformed by life and our experiences. This is how we are brought to brilliance, through the stories that have shaped us.

The lives that we lead offer us, and others glimpses of brilliance that we can hone, as we also nurture this in others.

When we bring others with us, we not only are initiated as leaders, we also get to amplify our shared brightness. We become the leaders of brilliance. The kind who are a cut above the rest. The kind that the world thrives on. The kind that we and our communities thrive through and because of our braveness in becoming so.

We are inviting you to join us for a series of Soirée's. These are FREEBIES! Aspire's Soirée's are our gift to you.

The deal is that you get to be connected, you get to hear first hand stories and perspectives of TRULY incredible women, who are using their stories, words and wisdom to influence, guide and lead change and together, we get the opportunity to learn and grow in our capacity to facilitate the impact that we want to exist in the world. 

You get to learn how to create  even GREATER change in the world, your world, and for your communities. You get to learn how to do this in ways that deeply honour and encapsulate everything that you are and the path that has lead you to now. You get to do so in ways that propel you into the future, without leaving any of you behind.

We invite you to join us over the coming five days.


YOUR Story ~ YOUR Words ~ YOUR Voice

Are absolutely fundamental to carrying you forward.

To creating what you desire to see, feel and experience. You get to choose. You have choice and you have a voice. But you must SPEAK it, to bring it into existence.

This is what you can expect from Leading with Brilliance:

  • Panel conversations with over 15 women who are about to become published authors through 55 FACES and The Aspire Series. Women who are leading change using their stories. Women who have faced and overcome big stuff to get to where they are. Women who are paving the way forward.
  • An introduction to Aspire's methodology for creating change and impact. To establishing and growing you as the leader of impact, of brilliance that you desire to be. 
  • Prompts, tips and guidance to get you started in leading change with a BIGGER impact right away. 
  • The welcome into a community of ENORMOUS hearted women change makers who are SO excited to meet you!
  • Soul nourishment applied to the real world and in every direction where you plant your energy.



The Experience And What You Need To Know...

Lead With Brilliance runs over five days. On registration, you will be provided with your workbook and access to Day 1.

Over the week, you will receive a video recording of each teaching straight to your inbox daily!

Arrive however you are, ready to be fed by women sharing their brilliance and to draw on even more of your own inherent sameness.

Register here and you'll be sent everything you need! 



Hey there, 

I’m Michelle and I created The Aspire Series in early 2019 after many years worth of facilitation, social work and coaching experience. It is a channel for what I wanted to see created in the world. The way I could create my greatest impact.

The stuff that excites me most is sharing about and creating people centred and heart connected change, especially through the use of lived experience and story. The kind of stuff that shifts people beyond our own limits and has us realise what is possible for us, our communities and the world. 

I firmly believe that we are here not only for ourselves, but to be both a beacon and soft landing place for others, and to leave the world better just by us being here. 

The best bit about this is that there are things we can do in each and every moment to contribute to this. Each and every act and way of observing our world confirms this. 

I would love to guide and co-create with you through The Aspire Series. 

Will you join us?


The Aspire Series Client Love

“Michelle helped me to get my voice and confidence back.”

My 12 month mentoring relationship with Michelle was one of the best experiences I’ve had at personal and professional level. Michelle saw the strength and good in me when I was living in doubt from shifting my career path and also carrying the weight of everything that has been happening throughout the years.

She helped me to become more of what I really am and also slow down a bit to enjoy the process. Michelle helped me to get my voice and confidence back by talking about the things that matter to me the most, ink them down and bring my visions to life. 

I’m forever thankful for the time that she dedicated to be part of my journey and support me to show up more. 

Noushin Barghi, Social Worker. Melbourne, Australia.

“Thank you for creating a beautiful, safe, sacred space for women to explore, witness and hold each other.”

I loved being a part of your Soirée Sessions and your yoga classes. You have such a wonderful gift of providing a fertile ground of compassion, support and just the right questions for people to find their own answers. It has been a joy to get to know and work with you, thank you for being the gentle yet fierce leader that you are. People will benefit from being in your energy and working with you wherever you go. 

Anisha Lamba, Mindfulness Coach. Melbourne, Australia.


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