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La Petite Series

 So much more is possible and available for us when we have a little lift along the way.

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La Petite Series:

La Petite Series are short courses guided over 22 days that you will take at your own pace.

Each is both aspirational and practical and will hold you while you delve into daily micro lessons that build on one another to create the impactful and sustained difference that matters most for you right now.

Join one or join all!

What you receive in each:

  • A 22 day guided self paced journey that is yours!
  • Four online recordings that are educational, and a deep soul dive
  • Daily activities and challenges to apply all things to your world
  • Optional mid way and final point email feedback

Introductory Investment:

Write Your Story, Her Arising, Magic Weavers:

$75 AUD paid in full

Space Holders Alchemy:

$95 AUD paid in full

Go ahead, book in to your desired course and begin straight away. Know that exciting things are heading in your direction!!

Additional 1:1 live mentoring is also available to best support your journey. Reach out to Michelle for more details here:

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 Her Arising

We are born to rise. Over and over again. Yes, you too shall rise.

It's times like these that are asking us to rise over and over again, like we never have before. 

The truth of humanity and our very lives is that we will have times of struggle as much as we have times of expansion. Neither is forever and there are few things in life that we cannot recover from.

Her Arising is about using THIS to become the strongest foundation of who we are. Let these be the times that create us.

The greatest human spirits often speak of the times that created them. Typically they are the times where the world offers us the choice to close off or to come back with a much more expansive heart than ever before. 

Her Arising is dedicated to the women who make the choice to thrive and create the greatest story that she ever shares.

You will:

  • Better understand experiences of adversity, our role in these and the impact they make on us.
  • Recreate daily habits to support your resiliency and strength.
  • Learn how to access support and create the inner and outer environments to encourage your rising.
  • Identify your inner resources and readily access and use your best self.
  • Tap back in to your purpose and redefine what this story will be.
  • Be held in your highest self through it all!
  • Have FUN and tap back in to lightness and joy!!



Just click away below, get started and I'm excited to guide you on this adventure!


Write Your Story

We all hold lifetimes worth of stories that form the fabric of who we are and the lives we live.

Something profound happens when we write and share our experiences in the world. We draw out and honour parts of ourselves that may not otherwise get attention. We welcome ourselves home.

Retelling our stories allows us the space to recreate the script so that it holds greater meaning for who we truly wish to be.

Write Your Story is a profound and beautifully guided process, that will open you up to who you really are, how you came to be this person, what you want these parts of yourself to mean and how you would now like to rewrite and define the stories that have created you.

Our stories, our lives and our identities are how we experience humanity. And we are forever changing, shifting, and evolving. We have an innate desire to share, to be expressed and to be understood.

Exploring our stories becomes our wisdom as much as it becomes our capacity to sit with others stories.

Write Your Story is dedicated to the woman who has a big story (and we ALL have lived them!) to dig into, find the gold and create something beautiful with it.

This course can also be used to help guide others to explore their story and develop a written account of their lives.

You will:

  • Be more deeply connected to who you are, where you have come from and where you are going in the world. 
  • Draw on your emotions, all senses and learn how to mindfully recreate your experience using words and language.
  • Strengthen your creative voice, while developing your sense of self.
  • Move through a deep healing journey, ending with a record and narrative of your life and who you are in the world. 
  • Understand how your story and experiences can be used to create change. 



Just click away below, get started and I'm excited to guide you on this adventure!


Space Holders Alchemy

We are all space holders, purely by being here and existing. To be in the space of leadership, facilitation or mearly  being human is to support the healing and evolution of others.

Big change requires that we understand how to support others to feel seen, heard, listened to and included in all of their unique and diverse ways, like never before. 

We all want to know that our words have an impact and that our lives extend beyond ourselves.

We all want to be in spaces where our individual choice and expression is encouraged and harnessed.

This is where opportunity and support leads to possibility and growth.

Space Holders Alchemy is for the woman who desires to become a stronger space holder, either in a professional or personal role.

This Life Bite has been created specifically with current world circumstances in mind, encouraging adverse situational and trauma based approaches.

You will:

  • Strengthen your understanding of holding space, creating supportive environments and leading in adverse situations where trauma may be present.
  • Develop your awareness and sense of self in respect to your environment and connections with others.
  • Exploring group dynamics and how to foster individual choice and the voice of everyone in the space.
  • How to draw the gold out of others and use it to weave something that makes a collective impact.
  • How to ignite a sense of purpose, meaning and fulfil desired outcomes with groups.



Just click away below, get started and I'm excited to guide you on this adventure!


Magic Weavers

Can I share a secret with you? You were born to weave magic. We all were and we all have something very important to do on this Earth in our lifetime.

While some of this magic may occur out of nowhere with little effort on our part, most of it requires some injection of our own doing.

It is all possible and it is here for you!

How does this happen? Believe it or not, it is a process that can be recreated over and over again. Just like magic, it eventually becomes who we are and how we exist in the world.

Magic Weaving is the course for the woman who wants to become a force of creation in the world, bringing anything that she desires into reality.

This is an inner and outer experience, taking us from noticing and forming ideas right through to the logistics of bringing them into reality.

You will discover how to create with intention and conviction... and to make EPIC things unfold!

You will:

  • Be guided to imagine, dream and create ideas to be birthed into reality.
  • Be supported as you develop confidence and trust in your intuition and capacity to create.
  • Develop a plan and begin taking steps to bring these ideas into reality.
  • Attune to the version of yourself that will best support you following Magic Weavers completion.



Just click away below, get started and I'm excited to guide you on this adventure!


The Aspire Series Client Love

“The circle has become a highlight of my month and I always leave feeling lighter and more aware of my responsibility and capacity to live fully.”

I joined Michelle’s Soirée Sessions as a close friend thought I might like them. I immediately felt welcomed by Michelle and the other women, and knew I had found a very special place. 

To me, the circle is sacred. We laugh, we cry, we unburden ourselves of the masks and roles and we deeply connect; human to human, sister to sister. I am seen and I see my fellow women. They inspire me. It is a place for me to escape my own inner noise and chaos and return to the peace within. 

I thank you Michelle, for creating such a magical space for women to hold space for each other. I look forward to attending many more to come

Sam, Social Worker, Melbourne, Victoria

“Michelle helped me to get my voice and confidence back.”

My 12 month mentoring relationship with Michelle was one of the best experiences I’ve had at personal and professional level. Michelle saw the strength and good in me when I was living in doubt from shifting my career path and also carrying the weight of everything that has been happening throughout the years.

She helped me to become more of what I really am and also slow down a bit to enjoy the process. Michelle helped me to get my voice and confidence back by talking about the things that matter to me the most, ink them down and bring my visions to life. 

I’m forever thankful for the time that she dedicated to be part of my journey and support me to show up more. 

Noushin Barghi, Social Worker. Melbourne, Victoria

“Thank you for creating a beautiful, safe, sacred space for women to explore, witness and hold each other.”

I loved being a part of your Sunday Soirée Sessions and your yoga classes. You have such a wonderful gift of providing a fertile ground of compassion, support and just the right questions for people to find their own answers. It has been a joy to get to know and work with you, thank you for being the gentle yet fierce leader that you are. People will benefit from being in your energy and working with you wherever you go. 

Anisha Lamba, Mindfulness Coach, Melbourne, Victoria


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