Creating Our Narrative

There is a story that we tell over and over, and there are a million and one ways to tell it. We choose the story we tell about who we are, the lives that we have lived and where we will next direct ourselves.


We also redefine it over and over again.


I’m not so big on the term ‘empowerment’, only because I feel that it suggests that we need something outside of us to say who we already are to tell the story that we wish to tell.


The story we tell, as we speak it, begins to shift. It can’t not. As we speak it, space is created for us to really consider the words exiting our mouths and in an instant, there is space for the story to evolve.


There is room for it to transform the space outside us as our wisdom touches the hearts of those around us.


Our stories are our life. They make us wise. 


Abracadabra is the definition of our words are spells that create magic as we speak them. The narrative that we create offers others the ability to say “I see myself in you”.


The stories we tell are the constant remarrying of past, present and future as we Continuously weave, own and embrace our narrative a little more.


We can establish a record that honours our life experiences and draws on messages, themes and inner resources, while also strengthening our boundaries and creating choice in how we share these parts of ourselves.


This is Day 3 of Societe and I’m loving sharing the threads that have become this magic. 


I would love to hear a little more of your story and how this resonates 



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