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It’s Mother’s Day today in Australia.


Each year, there is some truth that I want to bring light to. Usually I speak about mother/daughter/female connections... however something else feels most prevalent this year.


Maybe some of my friends here relate....


I would love to be a mother.


I feel, or rather, know that I was born to be a mother. I get that not every woman experiences this. I was 20, married, and thought that I would have had all my babies about a decade ago. The pressure around becoming a mother had started for me by 20, the next logical step after marriage, it seems.


Two years ago at 34.5 years, it landed that I finally felt ready to be a mother. I can only explain it as a deep seated Earth Mumma all knowing kind of truth that makes me feel teary when I really feel into it. Something significant had shifted and I made peace with all of the big questions, concerns, history, desires and world reality that I am privileged to...

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