When we recognise ourselves as creative and active decision makers who have much greater potential that can be channeled and can influence the world around us, we become much more powerful in all that we set out to do. 


The way that we express ourselves is a form of energy that expands beyond us. How we hold ourselves is typically how we hold others. We only really ever offer others an expansion of who we are.


Back in late 2020, while contending with one of many versions of “expansion of self”, I stood in the pool and looked up to the Bali sky. I asked myself, “what is this thing? What else could it possibly be? After all that has happened and that I’ve moved through, what else could be here?”. I stared for a few moments until a little whisper of a single word came to me.








I burst out laughing. 


Are you serious? Confidence? That’s it? Just a bit of confidence. A thing as easily resolvable as finding a little bit of confidence, and that’s it? That’s all that’s in the way?


A quiet “yes”.


I asked another question. What do I need to do? Step forward, ease back, lean in, refine something, step away, ask someone else?


“Keep stepping forward, with gentle loving care” said the voice, and listen out for all of those other things along the way.


This morning, the epic Jessica Brown said to us in Yoga “the breakthrough comes when you know which muscles to relax…. And often that muscle is this one”, as she pointed to her head. 


Expansion takes a special kind of tuning in, a graciousness and humility that marries a higher purpose and sense of service to humanity and the world.... while also honouring our human selves. Will we be present with as much love, integrity and graciousness as we expect to arrive with in the end?


Living with a big heart isn’t always easy. It’s responsibility. It’s responsibility in every sense, because you can’t have a big heart and not do anything with it. You can’t feel the world and not do something about it. Yet, you CAN use it to do not only good, but super important things in this world.


We have so much at our innate  disposal that we can use to expand all that we are and bring to the world. 


This is day 5 of The Societe. We are gearing up to begin- send through a PM and let’s chat more about this EPIC EPIC journey that is coming to life 






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