Izzi Lee

Izzi Lee
Age: 8
From: Australia
Now live: Australia
I am creating Wild Unique Girlz because GIRLZ can do anything. We aren’t meant to be ALL the SAME! It is for the brave and strong girlz to remind them to BE THEMSELVES!
1. This is me....
My name is Izzi, I am a twin, I am brave and strong and I am proud of myself.
I don’t care about what people think about me, because sometimes people think I am a boy, but I am not. I am proud to be myself, proud to be a girl.
2. I want to tell every girl/woman that....
You don’t have to be scared of being WHO YOU ARE. You should listen to your own opinions about yourself first.
3. When I’m older, I would love to......
Empower women to be themselves. Play soccer for the
Matildas and live my truth. I love playing sports, I love being fast and strong.

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