Aimee-Rose Keppler

Aimee-Rose Keppler
Age: 18
From: Perth
Now live: Perth
1. This is who I am….
A young woman with a love of music who has just entered the adult world and is beginning out in a career in opera singing. I have been through a lot. I used to think it was a weakness, but I have learnt how to wield my pain and it has just made me stronger. I love singing, dancing, writing, anything creative really, and I love inspiring and teaching others about the creative arts. I'm also a massive nerd who spends too much time reading books and not enough time on homework.
2. The story that I next want to write for women is….
I want to tell every woman that they are powerful, beautiful and strong. Your trauma is beautiful and is part of who you are. You don't need to hide it or be embarrassed of it. Wield it as a weapon, it makes you powerful, not weak. No matter how many people tell you otherwise, you don't need to be anything other than yourself and if people can't deal with that, then you don't need them in your life.
3. When I'm older, I would love to travel all over Europe and study classical music. Europe is where classical music started and has evolved and it provides the world's best establishments and career opportunities for classical singers like myself. After studying, I would like to join an opera company and perform for large audiences all over the world. I'd like to express my love for music and inspire others to love music as much as I do.

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