A View Of The World

This photo was taken during a temple ceremony earlier this year as a part of the Awakened Leadership training I was involved in.


It is near on impossible to miss the devotion to ceremony and ritual in Balinese life. This is based on a rich appreciation for who we are by nature- the dark and light of it all and how we move through these spaces as we go about life.


Each of us are the epicentre of an entire way of life that actively impacts us and that we in turn impact in every possible way.... even if we are not conscious to it, and ESPECIALLY when we are not conscious to it. This interplay becomes who we are in the world as much as anything else.


The ways that we can influence, shape and shift these systems are endless. It is also essential as we move forward that we become more and more aware of what we do not understand.


We are ignorant and filled with judgement by human nature. None of us are free of this, yet we can consciously choose to expand our world view to include what doesn’t make sense on the surface.


To understand ourselves is to understand both the context that we exist within, our role within it, and to continuously expand our perception to include world views that are different to our own. 


In exploring, understanding and appreciating the teachings of traditional landowners, holistic perspectives, modern social structures, and who we are as women, we can reconsider our relationship with the world as it affects us, how we also affect it and find both our own place of belonging and true capability within it.


This is day 2 of 11 days of Societe. There is big world changing magic in this stuff, if we allow it.



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