Who Aspire Is For


The Aspire Series is for women who are ready to become a more honest version of themselves and to be of service in the world in their own uniqueness. They are ready to experience life in a more enriched way. The Aspire Series provides spaces where women with differing life experiences can interact and learn from one another. It holds true that we have something to learn from every single person that we share space with, irrespective of age and other demographics. Being human can be tricky to navigate sometimes, and we don’t have to do it on our own.

The Aspire Series is for you if

  • You are a young woman aged from 15 who who is trying to find her own unique voice and who would love to be surrounded by women who can help her to become all of the things that she would love to be

  • You are a woman who is at a transition point and you would like to create a life where you live more meaningfully and make a greater impact on other people

  • You are a woman who has lived a lot and is ready to find her voice within her experience and to use it to make a difference in others lives

  • You are a woman who is making an impact in your own unique way, whether through your community, a creative outlet or in a leadership role, you are passionate about what you do, however you know that if you enhanced your connection to self, wellbeing, spirituality and creativity, you would feel more balanced and fulfilled across your life

  • You are a woman who is not exactly sure why you have been drawn here yet, however you love the vibe, you love contributing to community and know that you have to be a part of what we offer