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The Aspire Program

She was planted as a seed. From her deep roots, she bloomed into a green earthy plant with the capacity to be both firmly grounded in the soil and bearing delicate leaves that fluttered in the wind. In the springtime, true joy came when blossoms formed on the woody branches and with them, splashes of colour were lashed amidst the green terrain. We are not so dissimilar as we have our own seasons to turn inward and nourish our inner world and so too, the endless capacity to open and expand, sharing ourselves with the world.

The Aspire Program exists as an avenue to explore what it is that makes you ‘you’ and to experience a much deeper level of self appreciation, awareness and connection. We begin by peeling back the layers of who you have been lead to believe that you should be and discern this from our very own truth. From here, we explore the spaces where we can create new meaning for ourselves, those parts of us that are in fact filled with true possibility and we offer them new purpose for rising to the surface. We then bring all of the pieces of ourselves together so that we can truly flourish and get you making your bolder mark on the world, in a way that creates a change for others just as much as it enables you to live fully.

The Aspire Program begins with the subtle blossoming flower that is you and cultivates the space where you can explore and find those hidden pieces that will enable you to boldly live and share your own unique colours with the world.

The Aspire Program is your opportunity to take the principles and methodology of The Aspire Series to a whole new level over an eight week period. It is the essence of all that we know that will bring out your most enriched version of yourself, who is ready to live her most aspiring chapter yet. We will each come to a profound place of connection, inner knowing, appreciation and clarity with the other women in circle who too aspire to create bold, vibrant, authentic, heart centred and meaningful lives for themselves where they are contributing to the broader collective. And we enable and guide you to take aspired action to marry your new found inner knowing and resources with your outer world. Each week you will radiate a bolder and more honest energy, that is truly ‘you’.

Each week over eight weeks we invest our Sunday from 11am - 3pm together, with our next intake beginning 17th March 2019. You will also receive access to our 9am Yoga class each week through our course, to best support you through the program. The eight week period allows us to create change in a sustainable and authentic way. We only want to create change which feels aligned for us and that we can readily implement into our sense of being and lives. Through the program, you are supported and held in an online forum where you can connect, ask questions and share your process with the other women in the group as you adapt your changes in ‘the real world’.

The Aspire Program is for you if:

  • You feel that you have been out of alignment with yourself for a while, or maybe forever

  • You have a yearning to make more of a difference in the world and you are not sure where to start

  • You feel disconnected from your personal story and want to reconnect with this in a way that brings you strength

  • You are making a big difference in the world and you want to enhance this by incorporating the gifts of increased bodily awareness, creativity and spirit connection

  • You want to have a bolder voice, in a way that feels authentic to you

  • You want to deepen your Yoga practice and learn more about its philosophical elements

  • You want to make better decisions about your life and follow through with these

  • You want to hang out with a gorgeous collective of women who are having awesome conversations about what makes us, “us” and how we can best utilise these to create great things in the world

THESE are only some of the benefits of The Aspire Program. If we have captured your curiousity and you are ready to know more, please register your interest with us for our March 2019 intake.

  • Payment plans available.

To join us in coming back home, redefining our place of strength and in utilising this to be the bolder, heart centred and purposeful women that we are so very ready to become, click below and allow us to welcome you in. Welcome to your springtime.

You had a knack for challenging me to look deep within myself and truly ask my heart what it wants. You gently pushed and encouraged me to acknowledge that quiet voice within that I often fail to notice, hear or listen to: often buried underneath my fears and self-limiting beliefs. You encouraged me to voice these thoughts and misconceptions and challenge their veracity. You have a positive, proactive and insightful approach to coaching and made me feel safe to share my thoughts and encouraged me to act upon those things which I may have been afraid to do or felt were out of my reach. I have now been able to more clearly state the values that are important to me, and link them to the decisions I make in life. This has led to me being a lot clearer in my intentions and also more content in my work and personal life. I’d like to thank you for your skilful coaching and caring nature which have been a catalyst leading me to where I am today, with a dream job, living in a dream location and more content with my life
— Rachel, 28