Our Social Impact

In line with our strong value in social justice, The Aspire Series operates a Sponsorship Program in order to ensure that we can provide space for those who may typically not have the opportunity to participate in such avenues. It is our firm belief and guiding principle in The Aspire Series that each and every one of us has the capacity to contribute to the lives of others. Sometimes, we just don’t know how yet. Through The Aspire Series, you will begin to see where and how you can offer more to your own community. Our intention here is to begin to encourage you to recognise the gifts that come with making a bigger difference. And so, from the outset of your experience with The Aspire Series, know that you are already making a greater impact on your community by being here, broadening your world view and allowing us to share with you. The opportunity for women to participate in The Aspire Series is supported each and every time you choose to join us or work with us.

In addition, The Aspire Series is committed to providing in-house support to Non For Profit organisations who already do remarkable work in the community and seeks out avenues to make itself accessible to them.

To find out more about the Sponsorship Program or to apply, please contact us.