Our Space

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The space that we create and share cannot be described in any one word. It is equal parts nourishing, soft, encouraging, supportive, fun, quirky and enriching. We exist as diverse and multidimensional human beings and we aspire to create a space which allows us to express all aspects of ourselves. What you can expect is the kind of space where you feel that you can drop your guard at the door, breathe easier and return home to yourself. The kind of space that makes it so much easier to connect, both with yourself and others. A backdrop that allows you to re-align inward and express yourself outwardly with the other women who surround you.

You can expect a combination of self facilitated practices, guided practices and group sharing. This space belongs to you and the other women around you. You have full ownership over your own experience and of what and how much you would like to share in any space. Our role is to create the space where learning, growth and expression is gently supported and encouraged. It is up to you how you use that space and we encourage you to use it as it best serves you in any given moment.

Yoga with you is a participatory art experience for the senses. You delicately combine Yoga with poetry, aroma, music and mantra. Sharing in your Yoga practice every week has grounded me and assisted in my own creative expression.

I always look forward to your classes and feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to seize the day. A safe and welcoming space for everyone at any Yoga level. A highly recommended ritual to add to your week!
— Katie - 32