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Michelle Andrea Gardiner

Hi! Thanks for visiting The Aspire Series.

The Aspire Series has been a rolling idea over many years for me, as I have followed my curiousity of both my own and others experiences of the world. It has been created after more than twelve years working in the Child Protection sector, often supporting children, young people and families as they move through and recount some of their most vulnerable and confronting life experiences. Some of my fondest and most harrowing memories are connected to this work. Through hearing and playing part in many people’s life stories, I have become most passionate about raising the aspirations of the people, young women in particular, in our community. As a self professed “Shy Girl” while growing up, like many women, I have fought hard to create my own version of my reality, to find my own voice, and to speak up for myself. It is this passion which is the driver behind ‘The Aspire Series’.

I firmly believe that with genuine opportunity, meaningful support and spaces where we can learn to truly love, value and believe in ourselves, that this is where magic is created and where we are able to become so much bolder than we ever imagined that we could be. I also believe that great aspirations must be matched with a great capacity to nurture our wellbeing, in order to create the sweet spot where emerging female leaders blossom. The kind who are not only creating amazing things for themselves and for the world, they are also doing so in a way that sustains them.

We only grow when we are challenged to think, feel and view the world differently, and often our most valuable opportunity to learn is through opening ourselves to people who have lived diversely to us in some way. It is my intention in creating The Aspire Series, that we as women, can become more connected and heart centred leaders within ourselves, and use one another to become the best that we can be, for ourselves and the future young women who model themselves on us.

I find myself here with a Bachelor of Social & Community Welfare, Grad Cert in Mental Health Science (Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy), I am a Yoga Teacher (500 hours through Moksha Yoga Academy) and I am a Yoga Australia Registered Level 1 Teacher, and I have a background in Life Coaching, individual and collective narrative work, leadership and empowerment program facilitation and trauma informed practice. I am on the board of Restoring Hope, a Non For Profit who support children and young people who have experienced sexual abuse. And I also bring my lived experience as the daughter of a mother who experiences significant mental health difficulties, that which is one of my greatest teachers in life.

I am a salsa and belly dancer, I love exploring and travelling, being outside in the sunshine, writing, cooking and smiling. If I had unlimited resources (time/energy/money), I would make The Aspire Series the most EPIC thing that I could ever dream of creating :)

Wherever you are at in your experience, my wish for you is that when the world gives you every reason to shy away, make sure that when you step back, that you do so stronger, wiser, bolder and with a more expansive heart than ever before.

I am excited to meet you soon

Big Love

Michelle xx