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“Yoga…. that’s stretching right?”

Yoga is that, and it is so much more. Yoga is a way of existing, if you choose for it to be. It is a way of holding yourself and being present in the world. Yoga itself means “unity” or “oneness”. The way that we move in Yoga is considered moving meditation and it is one of eight parts of the ancient philosophy. Yoga begins with your breath, your very life force, one of the few things that you truly carry with you throughout your life. The style of Yoga that we practice is Vinyasa, or “beautiful flow”entwined with some Yin poses.

Yoga will teach you how to navigate the space between what is soft and nourishing and the physical strength and exertion which lights your inner fire, or Tapas. How you show up on your Yoga mat is said to reflect how you show up in life. Yoga will teach you to integrate your body with your mind, energy and spirit and is a vehicle to more deeply attune to the subtle layers of your being. Yoga can enable you to return home to yourself and to appreciate all that you are. Yogic philosophy and approaches to life underpin The Aspire Series, as much as modern principles and practices to personal growth.

Every Sunday morning we begin our day with a 75 minute meditation and Yoga practice which is specifically tailored to leave you feeling expanded, open and balanced on all levels. It is from this place that we are in the best position to navigate our experience of the world.

Sunday 9am - 10.15am

I love Yoga with you. Your classes are always warm and relaxed and you make everyone feel welcome. I hadn’t done Yoga before coming to your class and was a little bit nervous about how I’d go. But it was non judgemental and not scary at all, you set me up perfectly and guide me through. You give a range of alternatives and make sure your classes work for all Yogis.
You have a nurturing and friendly atmosphere and I always walk out invigorated and ready to take on life.
— Amy, 28