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Sunday Soul Sessions

Something magical unfolds when women gather together. A deep truth and authenticity prevails and capacity to speak without external expectations overarching our sense of who we are and who we are here to become. We experience a deep level of connection and an innate wisdom rises to the surface that we feel at ease sharing with those who we realise are not so dissimilar to us. Here we find ourselves in an environment founded on the acceptance and appreciation for each woman as they are.

Sharing spaces have existed long before we have here in the Western world and they hold the potential to nurture, heal and offer strength to all who share with each other.

Each session has a facilitated topic, discussion, breath work and some basic Yoga asana (stretches), meditation, philosophy, intention (focus/goal) setting, sharing of experiences and wisdom and journalling activities. Our circles see every woman as the expert of their own experience, and her words having something meaningful to contribute to the shared space.

Topics and descriptions will be shared in the month leading in to each circle.

Sunday Women’s Sessions are held once each month on a Sunday evening. Arrive at 5pm for a 5.15pm start and we will conclude around 7.30pm.

Upcoming circle dates are:

Sunday 3rd March

Sunday 7th April

Sunday 5th May

.....It is a great space for me personally to reconnect spiritually and give space to set goals and intentions for my personal and spiritual growth for the next month. It connects like minded people and I have always left the circle feeling full, warm and fuzzy. I also feel I am always learning something new that I then want to try in my own spiritual journey! I feel like it gives me an opportunity to ground myself and have an earthly is truly a wonderful loving space. ❤
— Amy, 32