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A Letter To Parents

Dear Parent,

Thank you for visiting The Aspire Series. And thank you for everything that you do for your daughter. We recognise that this can be a particularly challenging time, both for you, your daughter and your family. It can also be a beautiful time as well. Your daughter is in the point of transition where she is working out how to navigate the world for herself, to figure out who she is and to define her reality. There is a bunch of stuff that comes with that, both for you and her. Thank you for walking beside her as she navigates this space… or overgrown hedge maze! Thank you for looking into ways to help support her experience. Thank you for helping her to become the gorgeous young woman that she is today.

The Aspire Series has been created with young women, like your daughter, in mind. It is designed to be a space where she can interact with other women, both like her and in a similar age range, and those who are older and have lived through a few more birthdays. Those who have navigated the space that your daughter is experiencing and come successfully out the other side, with a bunch of life wisdom to share. In this way, The Aspire Series acts to provide a nourishing space where your daughter can be exposed to a way of being in the world which can enhance her life and development in every possible way. The Aspire Series offers the space where your daughter can grow and evolve through the collective wisdom of women.

In many traditional cultures, this collective sharing of wisdom is recognised as an important part of growing up and development. It is a given that parenting can be a difficult task for one or two people alone, and that in life, we need a community of people surrounding us who nurture and encourage us. This offers your daughter the opportunity to expand and build more positive female connections and the capacity to hear and model many other women. It gives your daughter the opportunity to both find and refine her voice, channelling it towards what she cares about most.

We would love to meet you and answer any questions that you may have about The Aspire Series and how we can support your daughter in defining and becoming the next chapter of herself.

Big Love

The Aspire Team xx