For Workplaces


As organisations, business owners and leaders, we have the capacity and responsibility to ensure that we influence and model change, wellbeing and the aspirations of both our staff and the clients that we work with. It is our responsibility to approach our work from a place of fullness so that we are able to sufficiently and sustainably provide the space, presence and care that is required to achieve the collective best outcomes for our teams and our clients.

The Aspire Series classes and programs are accessible as in-house programs for your organisation to offer either your staff and/or the clients that you work with. Tailored packages are created with your organisations best interests in mind.

Benefits for the staff in your organisation include the following:

  • Greater staff retention, morale, reduced likelihood of burnout

  • Greater focus and productivity in the workplace

  • Greater wellbeing and overall life satisfaction for staff

  • New skills to incorporate in the workplace

  • Great team building opportunities

    As a Community Service Organisation or school, with our background in community service work and youth work, we relish the opportunity to work alongside you and those who you best support. Our method of working can assist those in your care with the following:

  • Navigating stress, anxiety and promoting wellbeing

  • Developing healthy self esteem and respect

  • Learning how to have a voice and standing up for oneself

  • Learning how to communicate in a way that feels authentic

Whether you are a Community Service Organisation, a business or corporate organisation, we are dedicated to creating a beautiful experience which best serves your unique needs.

I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making this event so successful. It was the vision of the “Health is Wealth” series to create a day where guests can enjoy different dimensions of wellness, and your yoga sessions were amazing with lots of great feedback. Your generous contribution of your time and energy helped many to unwind and made the event more attractive.
— Lisa Harris, Founder of Finvest