Moving With Our Truth

There are so many reasons that I could give for why I have decided to begin The Aspire Series. Where I will begin is that it is held so deeply in my heart. It is held in pure love and utter certainty. The reason why it has come about at this very moment is because in the last twelve months, I have been given no other choice.


In the last twelve months, I have been made aware of at least four women, all aged between 19 and 40 who have died. The deaths of these women have shaken the various communities that I am connected to, and which they are also a part of. When each of these women died, I felt the exact same response and I had the exact same voice rear itself within me.


I have felt a sense of deep, immense passion for being a woman in this world, for the positive and more painful realities of this. I have felt a very real appreciation to be here, to have lived up until this point and for my very own humble existence.


And, there has been this voice that has been lying dormant within me. Each and every time it has said to me: “when are you going to do something that REALLY helps other women? When are you going to do what you can to take a stand for this? When are you going to utilise all that you are capable of? You have no idea how long you have here to do it, and you know that you have so much more in you”. I have felt a deep sadness attributed to the reality that we all have so much more in us than what we actually give, if only we have the opportunity made available to us and the support to follow through.


I, like many of us, had sat on my dreams and ideas for years, allowing them to circle, gain momentum, and then settle again. Yes, I was in contemplation, yet how many times do we need to circle in contemplation before we take a deep breath and move from this space into the actual space of making our ideas an actual “thing”?


I had filled endless amounts of space with seemingly smaller dreams, telling myself that I was satisfied with these because my life was full. I believed that the smaller dreams would be enough to bury the bigger ones, and that these were enough.  I was satisfied enough, and I had enough of the ‘good enough’ things in my life.


Yet, there is no way to escape what on some deep level, we know to be true. No additional thing that we learn will better prepare us for taking the leap and for stepping out and just beginning. Yes, I may have more intellectual knowledge to my self professed identity, yet what my heart and soul is must called to share, runs so much deeper than this layer of knowledge. It has always been there.


The stuff that I really want to share, I do not know where I learned it. Some of it can be attributed to life and professional experience, and the rest of it is just known. It is because it is. It just makes sense. It always has and it always will. It is what makes us human and what draws us together.


To sit with something that you know that we have a bolder presence in sharing and to not offer this thing a voice, feels doable for a period of time. However, at some point our refusal to pay attention and act on this seemingly scary stuff, leads to a whole bunch of unfathomable synchronicities that begin showing up and running havoc across our lives. And when we try to tell ourselves that it does not matter if we do share this thing, sells our reason for existence desperately short.


What is worse than this is that we begin to bury ourselves just a little bit. Maybe we don’t even realize that we are doing it in the beginning, however over time, our trajectory edges more and more off course. And the impact of this on our wellbeing is seen and felt both within our being, across our lives and it ripples out toward those close to us. It affects the way that we make decisions and how we live our lives.


And so, the cogs have been turning for a long time, and little hints have been, and continue, to show themselves all over the place. These women that I mention, as well as many others, they are the ones that are my driver. These women, they have not had the opportunity to live out their full trajectory. I, and you, however, we are afforded new opportunities every single day to stand a little bit taller and to open ourselves up to a bigger world that we did not see as being possible for us just the day before.


One of these women, she was gorgeous, aspirational, determined, well spoken and heart centred. She was 19 years old. She was a role model for hr peers who despite a rough childhood, she had become a role model for her peers with dreams that far exceeded what a lot of us will see as being possible for ourselves. This young woman, through no fault of her own, had her supports pulled from her on her 19th birthday.


Without a safety net, cheer squad and secure grounding, this young woman could no longer see what was possible for her and her future. She could no longer see herself as the incredible and blossoming young woman that she was. Without being able to see her own inner light and strength, this young woman took her life.  


It is for this young woman, and the many other women that I cross paths with that I have created The Aspire Series. It is for my younger self, and even my present self at times, that I have created The Aspire Series for. This is because we all deserve to have a solid grounding. We all deserve to feel supported. We all deserve to have access to community. We all deserve to feel that we belong.


We all deserve to see and feel our capacity to reach for so much more than what we even know is possible for ourselves in this current moment. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves. We all deserve to feel that we are deeply connected to ourselves and others. We all deserve to stand up and verbalise what really matters to us. We all deserve to feel passion and to live from this place. And we all deserve to create an impact on others, and for others to feel the positive influence of our existence.


We have no idea how long we are here for, and the least that we can do is to provide the kind of space that enables those who cross our paths to have the best chance at living in a way that brings them and those who they in turn cross paths with, the best opportunity for fulfillment. This is what comes to me most strongly, despite all else.