What Do You See?

When you look into her eyes, what do you see?

Sometimes she wants you to see the sun

The moon and the entire Universe

She wants you to see all that she exists here as

And all that she will ever become

She wants you to see that she is

The most desirable thing that you ever could see

She wants you to see pure love in the depths of her soul

On other days, she doesn’t want you to see her at all

She wants to be here

Yet she didn’t want to be noticed

She wants to be an ant on the radar

Because sometimes being human

Can be a complex existence

And she wants the space to disappear

Into the trees and path and walls and surrounds


She will come out when she was ready

When her sensitivity about existing

Has been covered with a stronger binding force

Some days she wants to unravel

Her layers until she stands naked

On other days she wants all the layers

She owns to cover her

Because being raw feels all too real

All the while, she knows that she has

Little influence in how you see her

All she asks is that

She has the permission to be

However she chooses to be

By Michelle Andrea Gardiner, March 2018