There She Stood

There she stood

She stood in the frame of the window

In the shadow of the light

Where the curtains were heavily draped, yet pulled back

With light streaming over her silhouette

She wears red

The dress allowed her back to be bare

The crevaces and the curves and ripples of skin

Lingered between the light and the shadows

Soft and gentle

Contraindicated shades of flesh

Waiting to tempt and tease he who noticed

At ease where she stood

Waiting, to be adorned, touched, stroked

Only thin straps covered her bare shoulders

Her dress ran delicately down the side edges of her figure

Meeting in the crevice of her waist

Slightly higher than her hips

The material gathered delicately

And collected the roundedness of her hips

Her long dark curls deliciously cascading over her shoulders

And landing to frame her centre line

Her face, gazing into the horizon

Her eyes, while not seen, are felt

In their wise depth, curiousity and longing

Her lips, with a keen eye, could just be caught

And even met, in their scarlett desire


She stood as an enigma

Of sensuality, of femininity, of grace, love and strength

She stood as the priestess of her times

She stood with an air of worth and meaning

She stood for something

She stood

Both for herself and of something grander

For something which struck her

In the depth of her heart and core

And ran deeply through her veins

Her feminine aura, in its capacity to overfill the space

To nourish and embrace

Her passion and fire would not go unmet

For she was not faint hearted

And nor would she settle for the faint of heart


As she stood there

Her body beconned for someone to notice

To be eloquently relished

She had felt suffering

She had felt fear

She had felt heart break

And from this place

From her own replenished earth

She felt a stirring

To love again

To open herself in her fullness


She gazes softly into the distance

Where people go about their everyday lives

Gathering their stories

She imagines the worlds and humanity

Which are somehow both the same

And different to her own

As her eyes dance in the potential

Of all that the world holds in store


You are not to be fooled

As you witness her

To see her as you do at first glance

For, to know her

Is to be changed forever

Only fools attempt to presume

About who she may be

And for those who do

May they remain perplexed in their understanding

It is only those brave souls

Who stand in strong character

The kind that is born

In the aftermath of the storms of life

And who stand in their own resolve of heart, soul and wisdom

Who may come to know her best


There she stood, waiting,

To draw the love

Of the one deserving of her

Of the one who could hold her

And adore her

Trusting fully that his love and dedication

Would be repaid over and over again

And for her,

Her desire would be met

And here,

She stood,


By Michelle Andrea Gardiner, March 2018